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All entries will be subject to the following conditions.
1. Entries must be made on the prescribed Forms, accompanied by the proper entrance fees, otherwise the Entry will not be accepted and the exhibits will not be allowed to compete. Personal data on entry forms will be used for all administrative purposes of Bonniconlon Show and may be retained for up to 30 months. Prize winners wishing to have their results withheld from publication should inform show office staff of same within 2 days of show.
2. All exhibits must be bona fide property of the exhibitor at the time of entry and there must be no substitution for the animal or article entered in
any Class.
3. All the prizewinners (Horses) must be examined by a V.S. except in the Jumping, driving and Foal Classes. The judgement of the V.S. shall be final and shall be regarded as confidential for the Show Committee unless otherwise deemed necessary and shall be limited to a certificate of “sound or unsound”. In Classes where height is a qualification prizewinners shall be measured by a V.S. to be measured as shod when exhibited.
4. No objection shall be received against a Judge’s or V.S. awards and any objection shall be on the grounds of misdescription or any other matters
must be made in writing and lodged with the Secretary at the office before 2p.m. accompanied by a deposit of €25.00 which may be forfeited should the objection be deemed frivolous. Objections on the grounds of wrong valuation or bona fide ownership will be received within 8 days of the show and no later.
5. No animal will be allowed to compete if bearing any mark of ownership and all exhibits, whether for competition or otherwise are shown at
exhibitors risk. In no case will the Show Committee accept responsibility. An ordinary initial brand will not disqualify any animal in Cattle or Sheep Classes.
6. All young horses must be shown in cavesons. Bulls must be secured by a ring in nose with chain or rope attached. All other cattle must be led in
suitable halters. This rule is strictly enforced.
7. No Steward shall attend on the Judge’s or remain in the Ring during the judging of a Class in which he is an exhibitor, and no person shall enter the Ring while judging proceeds, except the Judge’s, Stewards and those in charge of animals. The exhibits of owners violating this rule shall be disqualified from receiving a prize.
8. No exhibitor whatever shall in any way communicate with a Judge, or remain in the Ring, or Hall during judging of a Class in which he is an
exhibitor, except in charge of an animal and no person shall enter the Ring while judging proceeds except the Judge’s, Stewards and those in charge of animals. The owners of exhibits violating this rule shall be disqualified from receiving a prize. The term ‘Ring’ to apply to place in which class is being judged.
9. No exhibit shall leave the Show Yard until 4.00 p.m or until after written permission be obtained from the secretary. All prizewinners must
remain in Show yard and take part in Parade at 2.30 o’clock or when called. Prizewinners will forfeit their prizes unless they take part in parade when called on.
10. The committee reserve the right to alter the programme in any way it deems necessary and exhibitors must be prepared to abide by any
regulations hereafter laid down.
11. All entries are received subject to these rules, and any exhibitor who violates or ignores them shall forfeit any prize he may win and same shall revert to the Bonniconlon Show Ltd.
12. Exhibitors or their servants who do not strictly conform to all conditions and rules, or who disobey the orders of the Show Yard Committee will be immediately dismissed from the premises.
13. Any act of disobedience to the orders of the Stewards or Officials of the Show by any exhibitor or exhibitor’s servants, will render liable to forfeiture of prizes awarded to said exhibitor and the offender will be immediately dismissed from the ground.
14. If the stewards of the Show entertain a doubt as to whether any exhibit in the show is not in accordance with the Rules of the Bonniconlon Show Ltd, it will be competent of them to bring the matter before a meeting of the Committee of Management to be held at the secretary’s office at 2
p.m. to consider objections, irregularities, etc, or any other matter brought before them.
15. If the Executive Committee be satisfied, after inquiry that anything exhibited be not in accordance with the rules of Bonniconlon Show Ltd, it will be competent of them to there and then decide the question at issue and should any fraudulent practices be detected as affecting the exhibitor in question, all such exhibitor’s prizes, if any, shall lapse forthwith to Bonniconlon Show Ltd.
16. Where age is a qualification, it is the duty of the Stewards to refuse entry. To the Show Ring any animal that they are satisfied is not of the right
age for its class, on the judgement of a Veterinary Surgeon, in case of doubt.
17. The winner of a first prize in a class will not be eligible to compete in another class at the show, but can compete in championships and classes where it states Rule 17 does not apply.
18. Neither the Bonniconlon Show Ltd nor any of its officers or Servants shall be in any way responsible or accountable for anything that may happen (from any cause of circumstances whatsoever) to exhibitors or their servants. Each exhibitor shall be responsible for any consequential or other loss, injury or damage to or occasioned by or arising from any animal or article exhibited by him, and for the description as given in the Catalogue and shall indemnify Bonniconlon Show Ltd against all legal or other proceedings thereto.
19. The Show Committee shall have full power to disqualify from exhibition any sheep which is to be considered to be coloured other than the use of
ordinary non-bloom dips free from added colouring matter.
20. The exhibit will not be allowed to carry rosette while being shown in any class.
21. The Committee reserve the right to refuse entries from any competitor.
22. All cups are perpetual, to be held for one year only.
23. 5% of all prize money in horses, cattle and sheep classes will be deducted to go to I.S.A Championship Fund.
24. Bonniconlon Show is now a limited Co. to be known as Bonniconlon Show Ltd. Should this company ever fold up no individual person may benefit.
25. In domestic side, all tickets must be securely attached. Exhibits must not be removed from hall until after 4 o’clock.
26. All animals must be led by a competent adult.
27. All dogs on lead in Show field at all times.
28. Entry fees are non-returnable.
29. All entries must be paid for as entered. - LATE ENTRIES MAY INCUR EXTRA FEES
30. Points awarded, 1st - 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point.
31. Prize money will not be paid on show day.
32. All vegetables judged under National Vegetable Society's rules. Vegetables must not be cut by the judge.